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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

By Love Advertising

Gallery Furniture


Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale and the entire Gallery Furniture family have completed the renovation of the store’s iconic I-45 showroom damaged by a fire in May 2009 and are celebrating with a 100% Grand Opening this Labor Day weekend.

Memorial Day and Labor Day mark the traditional beginning and end of summer but for Gallery Furniture, the two holidays represent the opposite.

“We had a big setback right before Memorial Day that almost destroyed hundreds of people’s lives and livelihoods,” said McIngvale. “But through the perseverance and determination of Gallery Furniture employees and the loyalty of customers, Gallery Furniture is 100% back in business 100 days later and hope that the I-45 location serves as a physical reminder to all that good triumphs over evil.”

Phase Two is the largest and most extensive of the two phases of reconstruction representing nearly two thirds of the store’s total square footage. The first phase of Gallery Furniture’s showroom was opened on July 4, but the second phase is the one that is getting all of the buzz.

Featuring new sections that have been designed with the customer experience in mind, the new showroom allows visitors to not just shop but visualize what their homes can be. Designers Bill Stubbs and Micheal Burns each incorporated their signature styles, creating designs for every price point from the economical to the over the top.

New sections in the completely remodeled showroom include:
• Ultimate His & Hers Home Office
• New “Sectional in the City” Contemporary Area
• All-new Children’s area with an innovative play area and Boy’s and Girl’s inspirational bedrooms including the spectacular life-sized Princess Castle Bedroom.
• Build-Your-Own-Sofa Factory
• New Aviary and Monkey Habitat with parrots, toucans and Capuchin monkeys
• QWebl Home Automation Systems
• Custom Order Design Center
• Moroccan Rug Gallery
• 20 new fully furnished life-style settings

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