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Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

By Love Advertising

Love Advertising

Love Advertising – Now A “Google Certified Partner”

Love Advertising has a long list of distinguished qualities: Marketer, communicator and innovator are three that come to mind immediately. That list now includes “Google Certified Partner.”

Love employees were members of the legacy program, “Google Qualified Individuals,” which ended Q4 2010. However, the program underwent changes to make the requirements and the exams more stringent. Under Google’s new certification program, Love Advertising meets the requirements needed to become a “Google Certified Partner.”

This program highlights individuals and companies that are “fluent” in the AdWords program, so that they can drive more advertisers to the medium. For a listing of all Google Certified Partners (including Love Advertising), please click this link.

In our effort to stay up to date with technology Love employees are constantly seeking new information and educating ourselves on emerging technology so that we may best serve our clients. So, you can definitely expect some additions to that ever-growing list of qualities. Stay tuned…

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