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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

By Love Advertising

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Gallery Furniture Continues to Give Back to Houstonians in Need

Last Tuesday night was a very special night at Westside Tennis & Fitness Club, as a panel of judges, including prominent business leaders and media from Houston came together in support of the 28th Annual Gallery Furniture Holiday Giveaway. And Love’s very own Billie Van Slyke, Jessica Manning and I had the pleasure of partaking in this event as well.

All the participants mingled, munched and most importantly, read through numerous touching stories submitted by friends and family of the nominees in need. By the end of the evening, 20 exceptional and deserving families were chosen to receive a house full of furniture this holiday season.

Throughout the next week, Gallery Furniture will deliver furniture specifically selected to fit each family’s needs based on the letters submitted by family and friends describing the situation.

For the past 27 years Gallery Furniture has granted holiday wishes for Houston families in need. This year, a total of thirty deserving families will be granted a full house of furniture. Check out all the letters under that Christmas tree! Gallery Furniture received over 4,500 letters this year.

Each delivery is documented by Gallery Furniture with photos. Here are some of the photo albums Gallery Furniture has collected over the years.

After reading through the heart-wrenching stories on Tuesday night, it served as a reminder of how fortunate many of us are and that it is extremely important to give back, especially during the holiday season. Whether it is donating winter clothes to a shelter, volunteering your time or raising money for a cause you believe in, remember to help those in need in your own community and give thanks for what you have and love those dear to you.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

By Love Advertising

Love Advertising

The joke’s on Apple…finally.

Did Samsung really just go there?

Yes, and it’s about time.

First of all, I love Apple. I am on my 3rd iPhone and cannot imagine buying any other phone, ever. So, why do I like this spot so much?  Because somebody finally received a laugh at Apple’s expense.

In 2006, Apple launched one of the most iconic and copied campaigns with Mac Guy vs. PC Guy.  In these spots, Apple branded themselves as young, trendy and creative, and they were successful.  However, the problem for Apple now is that they are the behemoth, and being mainstream is almost inherently uncool. Waiting in line, being a follower, and calling yourself “creative,” are all the opposite of cool. The irony is this spot uses the “Mac Guy” against Apple. By casting dozens of smug and cultish “Mac Guys,” they showed Apple as less than cool, which is no easy task.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (it could certainly use a catchier name) will not dethrone the iPhone.  It’s actually a great phone and rivals the iPhone in almost every way. But it is not an iPhone.  At least somebody got us to chuckle a bit at the Cult of Mac.

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