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Monday, March 26th, 2012

By Love Advertising


Media Madness

Now that my NCAA bracket is shattered (and probably yours), I want to reflect on what March Madness really means to us in the media world- TV ratings.

The past few years it seems public interest in the Tournament has spiked as TV viewership has reached an all-time high. According to, the 2011 Tournament  achieved the best overall tournament-to-date average ratings that NCAA Basketball had seen in 20 years. This upward trend seems to have carried on into this year’s tournament, with the 2012 opening weekend delivering the highest-rated and most-watched first Saturday since 2007, averaging a 3% ratings increase across the 4 networks from last year.

These statistics beg the question, what has caused the recent spike in the March Madness audience? One potential factor contributing to the increase in ratings could be that the games are now also airing on TNT, TBS and TruTV. Prior to the 2011 Tournament, March Madness was only being televised on CBS until a joint deal was made with Turner Sports. Another possibility for this year’s numbers could be due to the NBA strike. Maybe basketball fans were put off by the professionals, and instead became attached to watching their favorite NCAA team while the NBA season was being repeatedly postponed.

While these ideas as to “why” are just speculation, based on the recent viewership trend it seems that March Madness is becoming an increasingly effective means for advertisers to reach a strong audience with their brand’s message.

Monday, March 19th, 2012

By Love Advertising

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Meet Virginia

It's not just about handouts, it's about getting your hands dirty.

Love Advertising’s own Virginia Vorster was voted volunteer of the month for Habitat for Humanity! She was chosen by the board of directors who must select one person from their more than 2,600 volunteers. Virginia also donated money to Habitat for Humanity provided by the Love Matters program.

The Love Matters program, started in 2010, was established to encourage Love employees to get involved in their communities. Virginia’s exemplary work with Habitat is the exact reason Love Matters was created.

Congratulations, Virginia, it was well-deserved. We’re all very proud of you!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

By Love Advertising

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The Original Green Advertising

Will you be wearing GREEN this Saturday?

If not, you may get pinched. St Patrick’s Day – a day where we can get together to be merry and wear green and pinch those who are not. As a lover of all things Irish, I decided to take it upon myself this year to discover the true meaning of one of the greatest holidays of the year (if not the greatest in my opinion).

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th, and is a religious holiday where people can feast and celebrate in honor of Saint Patrick (a patron Saint of Ireland). On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during Lent, Irish families traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon.  Lent prohibits the consumption of meat, but all is waived on St. Patrick’s Day and people are able to dance, drink and feast—sometimes on the traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage. I’ll say yes to the dancing, drinking and the feasting of corned beef, but lets get real, we can pass on the cabbage.

So where does the wearing of green and the famous shamrock that we sport so proudly come from? According to legend, Saint Patrick would use a shamrock to describe the holy trinity. From there, the green took force and is now seen from dyed beers to rivers and in many advertisements.

As we approach this time of year, many companies create their advertisements (especially beer and liquor companies) to highlight the spirit of the holiday with green bottles and creative messaging. Beer companies provide the strongest message, centering their ads on an Irish background of heavy drinking.  Playing upon the Irish history and the spirit of the holiday, works nicely for some companies when trying to enhance their overall brand.

And again making a subtle approach when mentioning their product but keeping to the humor of their brand:

Friday, March 9th, 2012

By Love Advertising


Video Game Advertising Levels Up

I’m a nerd. No hiding it.

From the time I was a little kid and playing Atari to last night, I have never stopped playing video games. Is it wrong for somebody that is almost 40 to stay up until 1 a.m. on a Tuesday playing video games? The advertising industry doesn’t think so. IGA, or in-game advertising, is generally regarded as an effective way to reach 16-34 year old males.  Advertising can appear in video games in several ways. It can simply be an ad that shows up before or during a session for a free on-line game, or it can be more cleverly placed in games much like movies, most pervasively in sports and car racing games. And while I am slightly outside of the age curve, which I am painfully reminded of daily by the rest of the creative department, I am still gaming for several hours every week.

Although there are mixed feelings from the gaming community about how intrusive advertising is in gaming, a 2009 study was conducted and  showed that 80% of gamers could correctly recall an advertiser, and 56% of them had a more favorable impression of that advertiser.  Is it effective? Gatorade attributed 24% of its sales increase to advertising being placed in Electronic Arts titles. Some industry professionals have gone as far as to predict that global in-game advertising dollars can reach $1 billion annually.

While I can change the channel on a radio station, or fast forward past a spot on TV, I can’t wait to log on tonight and zoom past billboards for Goodyear, Ford and Sony while I try and beat my best lap time at Laguna Seca.


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