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Monday, April 9th, 2012

By Love Advertising

Houston, Love Advertising

“And this agency feels just right.”

It is just a typical Tuesday afternoon. The stairwells swarm with “groupers” as everyone huddles around the banisters to see the man in charge introduce us to a potential new client. This is no “hi and bye” and we all go along our merry little way, oh no, once proper introductions are made it is time to show our visitors what groupers are made of. How you may ask? Obviously through a game of bowling with mangos, a round of agency jeopardy, or a pie eating contest, of course. It may be a little intimidating for a potential client to scarf down mouthfuls of whip cream and pie crust in front of an audience of 750, but have no worries, this is the norm for client visits at one of the largest independent agencies in the nation.

Fast-forward two years to today, and here I am 200 miles away working at Love Advertising. I am surrounded by 40 employees that all know my name and most likely my clients’ names too! While there are no pie eating contests to introduce new clients, potential clients always receive a warm welcome and usually have the opportunity to meet not just the team members working on their business, but a lot of times, the entire agency.

While client introductions in no way define an agency, it is just one of the differences I have encountered having worked at both a large and mid-size agency. Here are a few others:

While there are probably a million other differences, both agencies share some of the most important qualities that make them each successful – they are dedicated to their clients, they employ extremely hard working individuals, and they have a passion for producing great work.

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