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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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Showing Love for Charitable Causes

We at Love Advertising are always happy to team up with organizations that support charities and the well-being of others.  This year, we have the privilege to work with the Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston presented by the Greater Houston Honda Dealers, who has welcomed The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as their 2013 beneficiary of Grand Prix Charities. In light of the momentous fight against cancer, Grand Prix Charities unveiled two unique programs designed to benefit the top ranked cancer center.

During the “Three-Day Festival of Speed,” Grand Prix Charities of Houston, a 501c3 organization, will host Flags Over MD Anderson Cancer Center Speedway and the 2013 Celebrity Go-Kart Race Benefiting MD Anderson Cancer Center and you have the opportunity to join the 2012 IndyCar Champion Ryan Hunter-Reay in supporting the institution’s world-class research and patient-care programs. Here’s how you can help:

Flags Over MD Anderson Cancer Center Speedway

Grand Prix Charities and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have teamed up to allow fans to sponsor a portion of the MD Anderson Cancer Center Speedway with commemorative flags that will line the 1.7-mile course. Companies, organizations and individuals looking to be a part of the Grand Prix and to give back to MD Anderson can purchase flags personalized to honor loved ones or show support for the fight against cancer.  The flags, available beginning Aug. 20 at two purchase levels: $250 or $1,000, will fly over the speedway throughout the Grand Prix weekend. The commemorative flags will be returned to purchasers following the event, and $1,000 package donors will have their flags autographed by the winning drivers of the weekend’s two IndyCar races.

Celebrity Go-Kart Race Benefiting MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Celebrity Go-Kart race, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Oct. 5, is an opportunity for companies or individuals to show their support for the fight against cancer by sponsoring a race “team” consisting of two go-karts: one driven by a designated celebrity, and one driven by a company representative. The race will be contested on the MSR Houston Go-Kart Track Benefiting MD Anderson Cancer Center inside Reliant Park, and will consist of two heats, with eight cars racing in each heat. The top drivers from each heat will go on to compete in a final race to crown the champion. This will be the second Celebrity Go-Kart race, with the previous event in 2007 featuring the late Paul Newman edging out Roger Clemens to take the first-place trophy. Team sponsorships are $5,000. Benefits include not only the competition, but also VIP hospitality and a full day of excitement at the Grand Prix.


We encourage you to help support the critical fight against cancer. Whether it’s by purchasing a flag or attending one of the races, you can help benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center.

For additional information on Grand Prix Charities visit

Tickets to the Grand Prix are available at all Ticketmaster outlets, online at, by phone at 1-800-745-3000 or in person at the Reliant Stadium South ticket windows inside Budweiser Plaza. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

By Love Advertising

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Proud to Promote

There are some internal changes taking place at Love, and one that we’re especially proud of is the announcment of two promotions in our account service department.

Congratulations Virginia and Michelle, your exceptional client service has paid off.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

By Love Advertising

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5 Key Tips to Landing an Ad Job out of College

Well, here it comes. It’s the time of year when young soon-to-be-college-graduates are ramping up their anxiety about finding a job. With graduation just around the corner, pressure begins to mount from all angles…parents, classmates, professors, counselors and your own desire to find success.

When it comes to a career in advertising or marketing, unfortunately you’ve chosen a field that is highly competitive and sometimes even poorly compensated for the entry-level personnel. But, you’ve also chosen a field that interests you because of the innumerable upsides that make it exciting. A job within an ad agency allows you to experience the rush of new creative ideas, a variety of brands and personalities, assignments and opportunities that you may not find elsewhere, all with the potential to shine like never before.

What about the money?  Excuse me?  Did you think there was any?  Actually, the ad biz gets a bad rap for having a reputation for low-paying jobs. The reality is that those people who flourish and generate results move quickly up the ladder (meaning your compensation increases with each new challenge tossed your way along the path). Coming straight out of college, you can expect to make around $30-35K as an entry level account assistant or creative staffer in Houston. It can vary by firm and by geography, but not dramatically. How briskly that number increases is entirely up to you.

So how does one land a job with an agency right out of undergrad?  Beyond having the innate people-skills required in a very high-touch industry, along with creating positive chemistry in your interview, there are some things you can do proactively to get the edge in landing an ad job. Based on my experience over the years, here are the five key areas that you can, and should, influence:

1. Résumé. Build a strong one page resume…make it pop, this is the ad world after all. If you held a job while in college, describe your duties. If you helped fund your college, state that as well. Did you intern and gain real-world experience?  Your resume makes your first impression, without you being in the room to defend or explain it. Does it tell the story of YOU?  It should sell you in your absence. If it doesn’t, then rewrite it. But always make sure you have the right contact information on your resume. You’d be surprised how many new grads put down their temporary addresses and emails and forget to update them once they leave campus. Also, proof it well. I have tossed out many resumes simply because there was a single typo. The agency business is a detail and deadline oriented business. Embrace it.

2. Cover Letter. Wow. I’ve seen cover letters that actually have the agency misspelled in the first sentence. Or the letter is addressed “to whom it may concern.”  Actually, no one I know is concerned, so do some homework and find a name of the right person in the firm to send it to.  Make sure the right letter goes in the right envelope, or if you email it all in, make sure the attachments match. Nothing hits the round file faster than typos and perceived laziness via your documents. Get to the point, toss out a compliment, prove you know the agency and make them want to know more about you. Your goal is not the job, but the interview. Once you have that, THEN you can focus on the job. Many times you will find that an agency may create an opening where one does not exist because you are such a find.

3. The Search. This is where you get the real advantage. Almost every agency has a jobs tab on their website.  Almost every city has a professional organization for ad agency types that typically have an online job bank. In Houston, for example, it resides on Very few newcomers I meet ever bother to look around at sites like these.  Exploit them and make a hit list of those companies or job types you really want to go after. Talk to your placement office at your college. Look up industry trade journal web sites… anything that will give you more information on an agency’s needs. Random salvos to agency’s that are downsizing or stagnant are just a waste of time. Spend your valuable time going for the hot ones.

4. Internships.  Participate in at least one if you can. Many agencies have developed strong programs to not only provide the experience to students, but to ultimately identify those all-stars that they would likely want to hire. Call around.  Search the Internet. Talk to professors and friends. Find the agencies that have the program and make contact. No recent grad wants to begin a career with an unpaid internship, yet unfortunately, we see that all the time. The best time to intern is during the summer and holiday break before your graduation. You want a real paying job offer BEFORE you graduate, not six months after. An internship either lands you a job with the agency or expands your network and experience.  Either way, you can’t lose.

5. Leverage. This is the biggest and best tool in your job search toolbox. You need to leverage your contacts. By that, I mean you need to talk to your parents, your friends’ parents, your professors, old bosses, rich uncles and other extended family. No one, and I mean no one, gets to the top of the interview list faster than a person that comes recommended from a “friend of the agency.”  Remember that many of your personal contacts may know agency people, or even may be a client of an agency. Make those calls and ask for help. Most decent folks won’t refuse to assist a new grad when and where they can. All of us went through the job hunt after college and still understand the stress. So ask and pull whatever strings you can to get in front of an interviewer.  If you are ever turned down after an interview, ask how you could improve, and always ask for other leads on job openings. Sometimes you may not have been hired simply because of the timing, so they may give you a name or two to contact if you ask.

Finally, be sharp. Look sharp. Know your audience and pay attention to detail. If you follow those above steps and still can’t land a decent ad job, you’re not working hard enough at finding the right fit. Go get ‘em.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

By Love Advertising

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Love Continues to Grow

We’re very happy to end the year by adding  two talented gentlemen to our creative department. Their expertise in design and graphics is just what we asked for from Santa.

Congratulations Chris and Jesse! We’re lucky to have you on our team and welcome you to Love Advertising.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

By Love Advertising

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Want a job in Advertising? Don’t just sit there…Volunteer!

I have seen many resumes over my 15 years at Love Advertising. Working for an ad agency is perceived as exciting and fun (and lets face facts, it really is) so we get more than our fair share of applicants. After the recession in 2008, that number increased exponentially as people found themselves out of work or looking to make a change in their career.  I talked to many friends who were journalists, looking to break into the ad biz, and counseled even more college graduates looking for their big shot. Their attitudes and circumstances varied but my advice to them remained constant. Volunteer.

Volunteer to gain experience – College students are often surprised that having a degree is not always enough for an entry-level job at an agency. Getting an internship paid or not is key to gaining experience valuable to a firm and also allows you to see first hand if your chosen path is really what you want to do.  Internships allow you to have practical knowledge of the concepts and theories you learned during your time at university and offer a great transition from the classroom to a business environment.

Volunteer to cover the gap – After the recession, being laid off and having a gap in your resume is not the stigma that it used to be but it can’t hurt to fill that gap with meaningful experience relevant to your field. Volunteering your expertise to a nonprofit can help you gain experience and remain in practice, which always looks good to potential employers. Organizations are always looking for help with everything from design to PR, and offering your services can keep you in the game, add depth to your resume and make you feel great while doing it.

Volunteer to learn new things – So many interns that work for us come in wanting to specialize in just one area (hint; not everyone can be a creative director!)  and are amazed when they find out that they really enjoy working in another area like account services. Volunteering for different jobs within your organization can help you to find out what you are really good at and at the very least, give you a better understanding of how other departments work, making you a more well rounded team member.

Brenda Love is always fond of saying that you can teach people about marketing and advertising but you can’t teach passion. Volunteering to help a nonprofit or fellow co-worker shows passion for your career, a love for what you do and in today’s job market that can be what sets you apart in a sea of resumes.

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