Love Advertising

A full-service advertising agency based in Houston, Texas

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Love [luv], n.
1. A full-service advertising agency based in Houston, Texas
2. A desire to create; A passion to push the limits of the possible
3. A dedication to clients and forging fruitful relationships
4. The thing that makes the world go 'round

Love, n. A full-service advertising agency based in Houston, Texas. A desire to create; A passion to push the limits of the possible. A dedication to clients and forging fruitful relationships. The thing that makes the world go 'round Scroll Down Arrow

Our Ethos

If you can’t tell, Love is a pretty unique place. Within our walls lives a vibrant workspace and an incredible cast of characters. But when we get down to brass tacks, Love is serious business.

Because our interests are our clients’ interests, their success is our success. We start with strategy, and that strategy permeates everything we do – from creative that’s produced with purpose, to digital work that dazzles the eyes, to a media plan that makes your message heard.

We invest hundreds of millions of dollars in media markets across the country, striving to gain jaw-dropping results and to build living, breathing brands that don’t just impact the minds of consumers…but ones that become a part of our culture.

Recent Projects

Hot off the presses, some brand-new work for some brilliant brands. View our full portfolio

Featured Clients

An agency is fueled by its clients, and ours could blast a rocket to the moon. View our clients

Love Culture

All work and no play would make us a dull crowd…so we mix things up every now and then.


No putts about it

It’s not uncommon to find the creatives smackin’ some putts around in the afternoon…what is uncommon is setting an office record at 81ft.


2014 Addy Awards

Work hard, play hard, rack up the hardware – in that order, of course.


Love Olympics

What better way to celebrate the Sochi games than with our own inter-departmental games? The competition was fierce, but The Creative Briefs took home the overall gold.



At Love, we LOVE food…whether it’s breakfast tacos or homemade chocolate chip and gingerbread pancakes made by one of our VPs.


Love's 34th Anniversary

Notable things the happened in 1979: Ridley Scott’s Alien hit theaters, “My Sharona” rocked the nation, and Love Advertising was founded.


Desk Jockeys

At Love, we try to think outside the cubicle. From nose-to-the-grind business to free-flowing creative, our workspaces are reflections of our personality.


Halloween 2013

We may never know the answer to the question, but these girls won the Halloween competition with their rendition of “What Does the Fox Say.”


Valentine's Day

Is there a better day to express affection for coworkers and clients alike? Not that we’re aware of.


Battle of the Ad Stars


Pink Couch


Working like dogs


"Love Life" T-Shirt


Grand Prix


34th Anniversary of Love


Baseball League


Mr. Booth


Little Mr. & Mrs. Grand Prix

Meet the Team

The energy inside our building could power a small city.
From The Rhombus to The Nerd Cave, come see us in our natural habitats.
We’ve got the know-how and we know how to use it.
Meet the rest of the team
We’re fueled by fresh ideas. And coffee…lots of coffee.
Between colorful walls and colorful people, it’s never dull around here.
What’s Love got to do with it? When it comes to advertising that amazes…a lot.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Our ears have been burning, so get in touch! Give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Contact Information

3550 West 12th Street
Houston, TX 77008