Love Advertising

A full-service advertising agency based in Houston, Texas

The Agency

Love is a collective of the brightest minds in the business, working together to not only satisfy clients’ goals, but to exceed them in every way.

The Goods

Love is equipped to attack client goals from every angle, providing a complete 360-degree approach to produce results that are on point and on budget.

  • Media Buying

    Media Buying

    The greatest ad in the world is worthless if no one sees it. Our award-winning media team knows just what it takes to grab attention locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • Creative


    Great creative is like those who make it – it’s expressive, attractive, and just begs for attention. And our team does it all: from writing and design to recording and motion graphics.

  • Public Relations

    Public Relations

    Everyone wants to put their best foot forward, and our peerless PR team can tell you exactly which foot to put forward and when.

  • Hispanic Services

    Hispanic Services

    When you’re trying to reach the Hispanic market, you can’t just talk the talk. We don’t just translate work – we create in Spanish. We know the market, because we are the market.

Digital Capabilities

Our digital team proudly wears the “nerd” label – they’re the sharpest minds this side of cyberspace, creating unparalleled interactive experiences to engage and excite consumers. Their web wizardry has the power to turn online impressions into tangible transactions. View our full digital capabilities

  • Mobile Development and Web Design

    Mobile Development and Web Design

  • Experience Design

    Experience Design

  • Digital Media and Analytics

    Digital Media and Analytics

  • Digital Strategy and Innovation

    Digital Strategy and Innovation

  • Search Engine Marketing

The Crew

  • Brenda Love

    Brenda Love

  • Billie Van Slyke

    Billie Van Slyke Executive Vice President Loves sharing a laugh over the day’s first piece of breakfast cake

  • Jonathan_Kane

    Jonathan Kane Vice President An inner-city chicken farming kingpin

  • Shannon Moss

    Shannon Moss Senior Vice President Star Search alum that cooks for fun

  • Ken_R-0188_BW

    Ken Ramage Chief Financial Officer & Vice President

  • Jessica Manning

    Jessica Manning Vice President of Public Relations Considers herself an amateur meteorologist and movie quote machine

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Ryan Ingram Creative Director

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Chris Ruth PR Director

  • Kristen_Pendleton_2_Web

    Kristin Pendleton Senior Copywriter

  • Debbie1_Web_400x400_acf_cropped

    Debbie Humphreys Billing Specialist

  • Kevin2_Websize-2

    Kevin King Account Supervisor & New Business Development

  • Brandon Limanni

    Brandon Limanni Senior Art Director Plaid enthusiast and craft beer advocate

  • Virginia Voster

    Virginia Vorster Account Supervisor & Director of Hispanic Initiatives Loves Cuban food – and no, it’s not the same as Mexican food

  • Brenda_C-0150_BW

    Brenda Carbajal Senior Account Executive Queen of the seven-course-breakfast ... even at her desk

  • Lisa_Martin-0029_BW

    Lisa Martin Public Relations Director Her "other" job is raising two Border Collies

  • Jorge Lombana

    Jorge Lombana Production Manager & Senior Designer Dreams of gearing up for the perfect post-workday bike ride

  • Terese Anderson

    Therese Anderson Media Planner & Buyer At home in the Rocky Mountains

  • Jennifer Roasa

    Jennifer Roasa Producer & Director Mother to Mateo…and the entire creative department

  • ryan1_web_400x400_acf_cropped

    Ryan Cranfield Account Executive Master of the Oxford Comma and newbie to the ironing board

  • Devin_H-0115_BW

    Devin Huey Art Director

  • Brittany Williams

    Brittany Williams Director of Digital Media Not a fan of Jalapeño Peppers

  • Charles Booth

    Charles Booth Senior Motion Designer Wrangler of ridiculously adorable beagles

  • Katie Nelson

    Katie Roberts Public Relations Account Supervisor Big on list making and visits to the Big Apple

  • Charity Cain

    Charity Cain Traffic Manager Master of whipping up meals that will put anyone in a good mood

  • Megan

    Megan McGuigan Account Supervisor Hopes every day that the world around her will suddenly burst into song

  • Joel Rottier

    Joel Rottier Senior Web Developer Misses those delicious Wisconsin bloody marys (look it up)

  • Elise Garland

    Elise Garland Account Supervisor Fueled by Diet Coke and a love for her polar bear of a puppy

  • Alex_Soto-0140_BW

    Alex Soto Associate Media Director Has never drank a drop of coffee in his life – no, we don’t know how he does it

  • Kaelie-Marcozzi

    Kaelie Marcozzi Media Planner & Buyer Country roads take her home to the place she belongs

  • Deverin Hayes

    Deverin Hayes Junior Producer Living proof that a person actually can lick their own elbow

  • Marcie Trader

    Marcie Trader Billing Specialist The office’s reigning candy queen…submit to her sweetness

  • Lisa_Cragoe

    Lisa Cragoe Broadcast Supervisor Believes nothing’s better than the beach and a great bottle of wine

  • Calvin Hart

    Calvin Hart Interactive Designer Looks forward to wrestling the beast…his Maltese-Poodle hybrid

  • Sydni_B-0244_BW

    Sydni Benso Billing Specialist Fuels her evening jogs with chocolate

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Sarah-Jane Morales Copywriter

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Diem Le Senior Production Designer

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Chris Switzer Senior Art Director

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Rebekah Torres Senior Digital Planner & Buyer

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Megan Flinn Public Relations Account Executive

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Nicole Plunkett Digital Media Planner & Buyer

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Jane Chism Senior Media Planner & Buyer

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Caroline Ramage Human Resources Manager

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Tessa LeBoeuf Social Media Manager

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Robyn Archer Account Coordinator

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Crystal Moneleone Senior Account Supervisor

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Callie Johnson Project & Traffic Manager

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Kathryn Schornick Senior Account Executive

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Kelsey Becker Account Coordinator & Junior Copywriter

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Laura Moss Account Coordinator

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Mark Pereira Senior Account Executive

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Natalie Collett Public Relations Senior Account Executive

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Erlyns Portillo Senior Media Planner & Buyer

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Courtney Mitchell Account Coordinator

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Jennifer Allison Media Billing Coordinator

  • Team Member Thumbnail

    Grace Roman

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